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Marcus Garvey Cultural Center Wishes Everyone a Great Summer!


Katilla OsinderoKatilla Osindero
June 09, 2021

Happy Summer Everyone!

Congratulations on making it through another school year in a pandemic. I feel like personally this year has been the most academically challenging year for me and also my best year academically. I struggled through lack of motivation and probably some lack of brain too but, we made it. I am super excited to return to “normalcy” next year. From having in-person classes to having a new director of The Garvey, things are looking great.

As I reflect on my undergraduate experience in the past three years, I am so thankful that I got at least one normal year but, I have definitely become a better student because of the ways that I’ve had to adapt during the pandemic. I also realized that I am super excited to be in school and actually learn things, which is nice because I am far from done with my educational journey and also far from burnout.

This summer I had the experience to be in-person, in a classroom, for the McNair Scholars Program and just sitting in a classroom with other people learning “the old-fashioned way” is super refreshing. I have a lot of hope not only for classes in the upcoming semester but also the return to campus life and events! The Garvey is open during the summer Monday through Thursday so stop by and hang out with us! Also, be on the lookout for some summer events!

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