Well, this has certainly been the longest week EVER! After being left on edge and feeling so uncertain, we finally have the results of this election, and I am sure it has left many of us with a wide variety of emotions.

I know this election has caused a great amount of stress, anxiety and frustration because it certainly has for me, I even lost some sleep over it. Waking up at all hours of the night anticipating the results. Now that we finally have the results I can get back to my sleep schedule and try to take care of myself again, like many of us here on campus should. Amongst all these emotions we must take care of ourselves and focus on what we need mentally, and physically, to accommodate our health.

During this time, it is so essential to take time out for ourselves and our mental and physical health. Escaping social media, the news and the election, even if we are just escaping for an hour or so, has so many benefits. I truly think that it will help rejuvenate and stimulate our minds and keep us all in a good positive place while we wait for the changes that we are about to face as a result of the election.

As people and as students we need to establish a point where being informed does not hurt our mental health and our abilities to complete everyday tasks. So, if this means taking a step back from social media,TV and other platforms that have undesirable impacts on our mental health, then that is what should be done.

While you're disconnected from the outside world you can participate in self-care activities such as exercise, sleep and meditation. Self-care is a way for us to participate actively in taking care of not only our mental and emotional states but also our physical health. So, instead of participating in things such as social media, use that time to focus on self-care activities to make sure that you are good and can continue to have a positive mindset throughout this time.

Personally, for self-care, what I like to do is exercise. It helps to promote the release of stress and anxiety. I also love to set aside time to meditate by doing my nails or my makeup. These activities keep me away from the media and the bad energy, and it is a great form of meditation for me. But even if none of my forms of self-care help you, it's important that you find your own remedies and activities that can count towards your own self-care!

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