As we all know the sports field is dominated by men, thus, an overall lack of representation for women in within sports, yet I find this is not something that intimidates me, just like how it definitely did not intimidate Robyn M. Neal. Robyn is a Digital Content Creator for the Boston Celtics and creator of the Sports Playbook, a resource that helps people find their next job within the vast world of sports whether they aim to be a reporter, player, marketer, etc.

Robyn M. Neal is one of the women who has inspired me to do this. I didn't learn about her until recently off of a TikTok, but along with her, I plan to change the face of sports! Her efforts of consistently breaking the mold and creating space for women inspired me to become a sports marketer, specifically, for women's teams.

For example, I believe the WNBA does not get the deserved credit, recognition, and attention it should as evident by their pay gap – almost a whopping seven (7) billion dollars – in comparison to their male counterparts. Personally, I think women are just as capable of participating in sports, sports discussions, and business as men are and should have a spot at the table or on the court.

For more educational reading on WNBA/sports inequities, please find the below resources.

Why do WNBA players earn 7 times less than their counterparts in the NBA?

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