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HERstory: Rihanna


Elaina Rollins
March 29, 2021

Hello, everyone! Though we’re coming up on the final days, let me proudly say, Happy Women’s History Month!

I wanted to take a few moments to highlight an individual whom I respect as a positive influence on society and as a fellow businesswoman - Rihanna. As a Business Marketing major, I admire Rihanna for taking the world by storm and creating two very successful brands that both uplight and emphasize the power of being a woman, no matter one’s size or color. Ms. Fenty’s range of influence and level of impact is nothing short of admirable and something I aspire to achieve in my own career.

Specifically, I plan to use my degree as a support for small businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations to expand and strengthen their presence against the daunting odds stacked against them within the business world. I would also like to create and manage my own company aimed at helping people in need by implementing various shelters to accommodate and assist those in need, for example, the growing homeless population within our country. I would work alongside them to get them the appropriate help they need, job interviews, hygiene products, and reconnect them with displaced family.

As a person of color, I aspire to impact the world as best I can to try and make a difference in the world like so many others. I can thank Rihanna for giving me ideas and the confidence in following my dreams and trying many new things.

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