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Marcus Garvey Cultural Center: Preparing for Midterms


Lymon W Sneed III
October 26, 2021

When it comes to midterms, it's somewhat of a weird topic for me. The way my classes have been set up in the past I don’t really have traditional midterms; rather, I have tests throughout the semester about every two weeks or so that carry almost the same weight as midterms. Nevertheless, to prepare in the best way possible, I try to take a proactive approach to studying. There were definitely times where I felt like the only way I could study and retain information was to cram it all in at the last minute, only a few days before a test. I’ve come to realize that wasn’t the best way to study as evidenced by the scores I received.

This year I’ve been doing things differently to better commit information to my long-term memory by studying and reviewing topics as I go. For my Anatomy class, specifically, I study by the week because we have weekly entrance and exit quizzes. Additionally, by studying in smaller chunks, I am less stressed about not covering all the material necessary, especially when I have multiple tests within the same week or back-to-back.

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