My name is Lexus Harris, and I am a third-year student majoring in Criminal Justice. I want to gain a deeper understanding of the law with an emphasis on people, especially college students, knowing their rights and how to exercise them. Aside from this, I have a deep-rooted love for history and writing – history being my favorite because I like to think of things as a long story time, and I love a good story! Having a strong interest in these things continues to help me accomplish many of my goals here at UNC and provide me with the necessary skills to engage with the various organizations of which I am involved.

With my degree, I plan to become a criminal defense attorney and be active in my community, particularly making effective and positive change within the Black community. I know my presence as a Black identified woman in a professional role would be an essential asset to the Black community as a positive role model, helping them prosper. One way I perceive this happening is by creating my own nonprofit aimed at supporting the education of Black people on American law while simultaneously offering pro bono work. I aspire to be a force within the Black community both here on campus and in my career endeavors.

I chose to work at the Marcus Garvey Cultural Center because I want to be more involved here at UNC. But I also believe this job will challenge me in ways that will help me along my career journey, like providing me with skills in public speaking.

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