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Marcus Garvey Cultural Center: Self-Care Tips from Lexus


Lexus Harris
November 29, 2021

There have been times throughout the school year where I have experienced high levels of stress, so to cope I have gathered some tips on how to remain positive when feeling the results of high levels of stress.

The first tip that I can offer, that has helped me better regulate stress and stay positive is by taking part in self-care activities. This can include a variety of activities, as long as they are activities you enjoy participating in. I personally like to go to the gym, watch movies, or do arts and crafts. These are all activities that have helped me to forget about all the stress that I can find myself under and focus on the positive things.

The second tip that I would like to offer, is being mindful of your environments and the people in your space. Firstly, your environment can be vital to staying positive because your environment can further be contributing to stress. So, being in places you are comfortable and relaxed is important to having a positive mindset. For myself, the environment that I like to find myself in to alleviate high levels of stress is my room. In order to promote a positive and relaxing environment I like to clean my room and light candles, this helps make my environment a safe space for thinking and reflecting, while also promoting a relaxing experience. The spaces you find yourself in are vital to having a positive mindset, but the people that you allow in these spaces is also important. Being around people who bring you happiness, support and love can be essential to helping you improve your positive mentality. Essentially because their energy can radiate on to you.

Being a college student can promote high levels of stress in many different aspects, so maintaining a positive mindset can be hard to do sometimes. But through experience I have been able to conjure up some tips that have helped me alleviate stress and keep a positive outlook. These tips include engaging in self-care activities I find beneficial. While also placing myself in environments that are safe spaces for positive thinking and relaxing. But I also make sure to remain mindful of the individuals I am around. So, when you are feeling high levels of stress and need some ideas about how to prevent this, these tips can hopefully aid you in finding a positive mindset.

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