My name is Kyla Sanford and I am a second-year student at the UNC studying Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations and minoring in Business Administration. I have always loved writing and am always figuring out how to channel it into my work. I mostly enjoy writing creative stories and inspirational posts that I publish on a blog I created during quarantine. I have always been very shy and timid to speak that I found writing as the best outlet to use my voice and express myself. During quarantine, I took the time to discover my passions and ambitions with the help of the Journalism program here at UNC, directing my interest towards a career, I feel, will be a good fit for me.

I plan to use my degree to support small businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations in promoting their goods and services to their specified audiences. I want to help groups create and foster their respective strong and positive legacies by making sure they have the same opportunities as other big corporations. I think it would be great to put these role models right in the center of the community, without the risk of gentrification. As a result, many families would be supported and better neighborhoods would be created, like in low poverty areas, with the imagery of successful small and local businesses as their role models; showing young Black children that they do not only have to be athletes, singers, actors or actresses, to be successful. As demonstrated in W.E.B DuBois' book The Souls of Black Folk, a strong educational need for African Americans is the need for Black role models. Black people can do anything and everything they put their minds to, and I want to be the one to help give them this opportunity.

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