My name is Myria Davis (she/hers) and I am currently a Master's student in the Couples and Family Therapy program here at UNC. Additionally, I have the wonderful opportunity of serving as the Interim Director and Graduate Assistant for the Marcus Garvey Cultural Center (MGCC).

This year has been a tough one, I will be the first to say it, yet if I have learned anything while navigating this new normal, it is that we are a lot stronger than what we think. From suddenly staying six feet away from our loved ones to adjusting to remote and online learning, our resiliency is consistently tested. Nevertheless, we roll with the punches and remain as flexible as water to make the best of the situation and accomplish whatever goals we have for ourselves.

With that said, these are difficult times to go through alone so please know that we are here to support students the best way possible. Whether that is done by connecting you with one of our affinity groups or lending a listening ear, again, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. We are physically open during the week so stop by the Center and meet our wonderful staff. Otherwise, you may reach us either by phone at 970-351-2351 or email at I love meeting new folx so I can be personally reached by email at

“I find in being Black, a thing of beauty: a joy; a strength; a secret cup of gladness.”
   -Ossie Davis

Marcus Garvey Cultural Center (MGCC)

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