Hi, my name is Kyla Sanford and I am a Journalism major with an emphasis in Public Relations. The field of journalism encompasses “reporters, editors, photographers, and videographers in the newspaper, broadcasting, and internet publishing industries – [who] are non-Hispanic whites” according to the Pew Research Center. I want to change that. There are not many Black publicists today representing large corporations. CEOs of these major companies hire people who look and talk just like them to represent their company, and although this is understandable, to a point, it still does not explain the lack of diversity.

Thus, there is a dire need for change in the public relations field and I hope to be one of the people who change it. Early journalists such as Ida B. Wells and Frederick Douglass inspire me to use my voice to portray a great message to the people, whether to cause them to think, feel, or reflect on the things happening in our world and how they define our society. I aim to continue such their literary legacy as I enter into the field and whether I find myself in a corporate office or a newsroom.

I continually learn how important my voice is in the fight for change and it will never be silenced.

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