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Marcus Garvey Cultural Center: Feelings of Returning to College as a Person of Color


Jay-La Blakey-DavidsonJay-La Blakey-Davidson
September 09, 2021

My feelings surrounding being back in person on campus AND as a person of color currently has my emotions all over the place – a whole realm of emotions I am still trying to figure out. In full transparency, these past two weeks were exhausting; this is the first time that I’ve realized, socially, my energy drains far more quickly than my pre-COVID self. The result is me feeling more exhausted than usual, even with a set sleeping schedule.

I’ve learned a lot about utilizing and preserving my new social battery, like learning how to build and maintain boundaries; nevertheless, I am very excited to be back on campus and being on a team programming intentional and educational events! I’ve missed being able to connect with people and socialize, even if for only an hour. I feel as if, now, my body is loud enough for me to listen to what it needs, especially, when I effectively practice what healthy boundaries look like for me in the many areas of my life: as a student, employee, friend, and family member!

Overall, I am excited to be back and to enjoy the best things my senior year has to offer!

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