My name is Elaina Rollins and I am a sophomore at UNC currently studying Business Marketing. I plan to use my degree as support for small businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations to expand and better market their businesses. I would also like to create and manage my own company, helping people in need like implementing various shelters to accommodate and assist the homeless population by working alongside them to get them the appropriate help they need, job interviews, hygiene products, and reconnecting with displaced family.

As a person of color, I aspire to impact the world as best I can to try and make a difference in the world like so many before me. Going into a career field like mine, one that is predominately occupied by White males, as an African American woman I hope to inspire others to do the same no matter what obstacles they may face.

If you have a passion to work in a certain field, don't be intimidated by what the majority looks like. As long as you work hard, enjoy what you’re doing, and are making a positive impact, that’s all that matters.

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