Welcome to 2021!!! We have made it through 1.5 COVID semesters and things are starting to look better. I’ve seen major improvements in online instruction, school involvement and there is finally a COVID vaccine! I believe that this is a great time to be optimistic about the semester ahead.

As much as everything has changed, how have you changed? I personally have gotten to spend a lot of time with myself and really slow life down and realize that life is here to be lived. This is a rather unfortunate time to come to this realization because we can’t do our typical things that most people would constitute as living your life however, here is a list of ways that I think we can live our lives to the fullest in safety.

  1. Learn yourself: Do you really know what you like to do for fun unrelated to work and school? Explore new home hobbies and interests. You may find love in doing something new or rekindling an old love for something.
  2. Build community: If you’re bad at checking up on people and texting back like me, now is the time to stop that. There is almost no obligation in sending a text to a loved one now just to check-in. No getting dressed, no arranging schedules… now more than ever it is easier to show the people you care about that you really do care.
  3. “Self-care and self-love”: I know that this term self-care is really popular right now, but self-care is way more than face masks and bubble baths. Self-care is working on your mind, body and soul to be the best version of you and to really take care of you. Taking care of your mind can be anything from reading a book that you love to meditating and practicing mindfulness throughout your day. It can also look like managing stress and anxiety and any other emotional issues we may be having. The Counseling Center here on campus can help out.
    Taking care of your body can include face masks and bubble baths but also really taking charge of your health and listening to what your body needs. If your body is telling you that you need exercise and nourishing food, then respond accordingly. If your body needs rest and time to refocus, take that time!
    Lastly, it is extremely important to take care of our souls right now. This looks different to everyone especially in consideration of people’s different spirituality, and, the root of taking care of your soul is being connected to yourself and your intuition. Practices like meditation and doing the things that you like to do feed your soul. Another important aspect of feeding your soul is limiting the toxicity. If someone in your life bothers your peace, don’t let them do that anymore. If your homework is bothering your peace… try and look at it from a different angle. Whatever you do, protect your joy and peace.
  4. Do “good” in school: I want to point out that in a time like this “good” is completely subjective to you and your goals, capabilities and circumstances. Do not compare your good to anyone else’s because your life is different and your good is too. As long as you do your best given the circumstances, you’re doing GREAT. If something comes up and you don’t do as well as you wanted to, tha's okay too because you’re still here and that’s progress enough.

With all of that being said, stay in and live your life!

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