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Welcome to the Marcus Garvey Cultural Center

Marcus Garvey Cultural Center

April 09, 2019

We would like to introduce you to the Marcus Garvey Cultural Center (MGCC) and staff at the University of Northern Colorado. Since February 1983, the MGCC has been serving an integral role in addressing both the academic success needs of students who identify within the African Diaspora and general campus climate concerns that influence the entire UNC community. The MGCC staff focuses on educational development and cultural exploration.

What does MGCC mean to me?

I am able to network and do things that I wouldn't have been able to do if I wasn't at the Garvey. Things that I had the opportunity to do were going to CSU [Colorado State University] to hear Angela Davis speak, attend Inclusivity trainings and spend time meeting new students on campus. The Marcus Garvey to me means, being amongst family and friends. The Garvey means to me, picking me up when I'm down and encouraging me when I've lost hope. - Celeste B., Sociology BA, Class of 2021

Home away from home…safe space…family…friendship… These are sentiments commonly expressed by the many who enter this space. However, these still do not fully capture the impact of the MGCC on students. The MGCC provides an environment where students can actively develop as people, intellects, professionals, and leaders. As a doctoral student, I have accumulated a fair amount of work experience, and yet, none has been as fulfilling—personally and professionally—as my time at the Garvey. I have had the opportunity to form meaningful relationships, explore various aspects of my identities, and use my education to positively impact others. MGCC builds excellence. - Deon H., Counseling Psychology PhD, Class of 2020

Resources Offered

  • Cultural immersion/Exploration 
  • Study Space
  • Academic Advising 
  • Fully Refurbished Kitchen
  • Mentorship
  • Professional Development 
  • Leadership Training
  • Psychological Wellness Consultation
  • Student-minded events 

The Marcus Garvey Cultural Center is open to all students, so stop by to check out any of these resources or simply just to say hi, we would love to see you!