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Make Your Vote Count UNC Bears

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September 10, 2020

Make sure your vote counts UNC Bears! Have you moved, changed your name, or never voted? The time is now to register or make edits to your registration. You’ll want to make sure that you’re registered to vote, and your voter registration is up to date with your current address. Ballots are not forwardable, even if you have a forwarding address in place, so, be sure to update your registration.

To update your registration or to register to vote, you’ll go to Go Vote Colorado. You’ll need to have a Colorado ID to update online or you can print the voter registration form, fill it out and email, fax, or drop it off in person at the Election Office, located at 1400 N 17th Ave, Greeley, Colorado.

Update Your Voter Registration

You will need to update your registration before September 30, 2020, as the voter ballots will be mailed out the following week, October 9-16. Be sure to look for your ballot October 17-24. The county is strongly encouraging everyone to use the ballot that is mailed directly to you, for the safety of everyone.

Living on or off campus?

If you are living in the residence halls, you’ll want to update your voter registration to match your hall address. For hall address and how you should format your address when living in the halls, visit the "Mailing Information" page on Housing & Residential Education's website.

View On-Campus Residence Hall Addresses

If you are living off campus, you’ll want to make sure your address is up to date with your off-campus location.

Make a plan to vote

It is good to make a plan to vote! You’re more likely to actually vote if you make a plan, whether it’s to drop off your ballot at a voting/polling center or to mail it in. Did you know that the UNC University Center on campus provides a 24/7 Secure Drive-Up Drop Box? Also, the UNC Campus Commons, 1051 22nd St, Greeley, Colorado offers a location to drop off your ballot BEFORE or ON Election Day. You may also vote in person that day if you choose to.

Check out all Weld County Voter and Polling Locations

Important Dates for 2020 Elections

September 19 Last day to send ballot to Military and Overseas Voters
September 30 Last day to update your voter registration
October 9 Ballots mailed to all Active Registered Voters
October 9 Sixteen (16) - 24-Hour Drop-Off Locations Open
October 19 Three (3) - Voter Service and Polling Centers Open
October 30 Eight (8) - Voter Service and Polling Centers Open
November 3 Fourteen (14) - Voter Service and Polling Center Open
November 3 Election Day