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Tips for Sending Mail to your Students On-Campus

UNC students in dorm talking

August 21, 2019

The number one tip for sending mail to campus is please do not put “UNC or University of Northern Colorado” on any of the mail. The reason for this is it will redirect the mail to our main warehouse which could delay delivery by a day or two.

Whether you are sending packages via USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc., the process is the same.  Simply address the mail like so: 

Student Name
Street Address
Room Number/Hall Name
Greeley, CO and corresponding zip code

Each hall has a unique street address and zip code, which you can find here: 

Find Address and Zip Code

If you live out of state it is quite possible that your local post office will not recognize the mailing address in their system. Assure them that it is a recognized address by the local post office and have them “force” the address to proceed with your mailing. 

Please contact the Housing & Residential Education Office at 970 351 2721 for any questions or further information.