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Keeley’s Not So Secret, Campus Secrets: Writing Center and Tutorial Services

Writing Center adn Tutorial Services

Keeley WebberKeeley Webber
December 06, 2020

Hi Bears! Keeley here to let you in on a new campus secret, and to discuss the support and services available for students on UNC’s campus. If you haven’t read the previous secrets feel free to check them out!

As finals week draws near, students are studying and prepping for their exams, papers and projects. Sometimes studying for finals can be hard, there are long essays, hard to navigate subjects, and areas students feel they need a little extra help. UNC offers services to help students ranging from writing essays and study tips to tutoring students on specific classes they might be struggling with. As a student, here at UNC I have found all these services helpful in the past five years.

The UNC Writing Center is here to help students with essays, from formatting papers to developing writing skills and ideas. The Writing Center can be accessed on UNC’s website where students are able to make appointments and speak with a writing expert. If you are having trouble formatting your paper for a class or would just like someone to review and edit your work, the Writing Center can help! From my personal experience, I have found the Writing Center helpful in developing my writing style as well as teaching me ways to make sure my paper is ready to submit.

Right now, students are able to get free consulting via email. Simply upload a document with concerns or questions and receive feedback on your paper within 24 hours. Students also have the option of a Zoom consult, where students can schedule an appointment 30 minutes prior to their meeting time and talk with a writing consultant.

The Writing Center is also currently offering accountability groups for graduate students writing larger projects such as thesis, dissertations and journals. Accountability groups meet Mondays from 2:30-5:30 p.m. As a student who has used the Writing Center, I would highly recommend their services as they have helped me feel confident and successful in the works I turn in. Make sure to visit the Writing Center website and sign up for a session.

UNC’s Tutorial Services allows students to be tutored in a variety of areas specific to the tutor’s experience. Many of the tutors have taken the same courses and can help with areas students are needing more in-depth explanation. Tutorial Services is certified through the College Reading and Learning Association and offers students an experience to achieve the academic goals they have set.

Students can schedule an appointment on their website and a handy step by step guide shows how to make an appointment through TutorTrack. After following these steps, students will receive a confirmation email.

Tutorial Services is something I have found helpful in classes I was not confident in and gave me the steps I needed towards success. This is also a very helpful resource as we enter finals week!

I hope these resources find you well, Bears, and good luck on your finals. You got this!