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Keeley’s Not So Secret, Campus Secrets: Counseling Center

Keeley’s Not So Secret, Campus Secrets: Counseling Center

Keeley WebberKeeley Webber
October 05, 2020

Hi Bears! Keeley here to let you in on a new campus secret, and to discuss the support and services available for students on UNC’s campus. If you haven’t read the previous secrets feel free to check them out!

This week I am here to let you in on an important support service offered by UNC, the UNC Counseling Center.

As we all know, the Counseling Center should be no secret to students as it offers a space where students can address the concerns they are faced with. As a student, college is a new world and using services like the Counseling Center can seem like an unknown, sometimes scary step. And let's face it, college is not easy and it often comes with many challenges. The Counseling Center is here for UNC students to help address the uneasy and sometimes hard parts of life. UNC's Counseling Center has licensed individuals to greet you with a caring and professional experience.

Currently, the Counseling Center is working remotely, but this doesn't mean services are not offered to help students. Quite the opposite actually! Remote appointments are available over phone or by video available to students, as well as After-Hour Crisis Support. I know this is a heavy topic, but it’s a topic I feel should be discussed more on campus. These support services are here for students and hold so much importance. As a Bear it is our duty to make sure each and every student attending UNC knows about the Counseling Center on campus and the resources available to students. I also would like to express the importance of sharing this information with your friends, family and classmates. You never know who is in need of these resources and as a community I feel it’s our job to make sure these resources are not kept a secret!

Here are some more resources offered by the Counseling Center. These, and more, can be found on their website.

  • Initial Consultations
  • Remote Appointments
  • After-Hours Crisis Support (970-351-2496)
  • Remote Quick Access Appointments
  • Psychiatric Follow-up
  • Alcohol and Drug Assessments

Remember the Counseling Center is here for students and should never be a secret! Make sure to tell those around you and promote a positive bear community for all students!