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Keeley’s Not So Secret, Campus Secrets: Campus Communications

Keeley's not so secret, secret about UNC newsletters and communications

Keeley WebberKeeley Webber
November 30, 2020

As a first-year on campus, I often did not read the weekly updates sent to students, or the monthly newsletters. I would find out about weekly on-campus updates from word of mouth, resident advisors and my professors. As my time on campus progressed, I learned to routinely check weekly updates sent by the university (Around Campus News) as well as the monthly Student Newsletter. Each of these provide great resources and information designed to make your life easier on campus.

The Student Newsletter is a monthly email providing students with information about what is new on campus, tips for a successful semester and important information. This is often where you can find events being held by the university as well as important dates. Each monthly newsletter features a selected topic focused for student’s engagement and success tips. Often there are videos of students sharing their tips for that month’s topic.

The October’s student newsletter showcased tips for approaching professors and helping students navigate classes during this semester. Also included were student-centered resources, COVID-19 updates, and various links helping students stay informed. Moreover, the newsletter had lists of information on job and internship fairs, campus updates and events designed for students.

Checking the Around Campus News and the Student Newsletter is key to staying engaged with campus and others, especially as the university has shifted to virtual programming and online opportunities. Staying involved and active throughout your time here at UNC is important as it helps you build connections with students and staff.

So, for me, checking my Inbox has become a normal routine and I have found it to be a great way to stay informed and up to date. It has helped me find the resources I need and given me many great opportunities to participate in events and programs I otherwise would have missed. Make sure to keep an eye out for your student newsletter!