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Keeley’s Not So Secret, Campus Secrets: Center for Career Readiness & Handshake

Campus Secrets that are not so secret with Keeley

Keeley WebberKeeley Webber
September 29, 2020

Hey, Keeley here and I'm back with some campus secrets! If you missed my first blog on the Bear Pantry, check it out here. Today I’m going to let you in on a hidden gem on campus called the Center for Career Readiness.

The Center for Career Readiness provides services that help students with job success and preparing for life after college. This is something I have found in my later years of college and have grown to use daily. UNC's Center for Career Readiness offers students with the materials needed to find internships, careers and job success while in college and after college. As graduation draws closer and the uncertainty of exiting college becomes a reality for students, UNC has support to help build confidence in students and their success in a career. The Center for Career Readiness also provides students help with resume, career connections, and yearly career fairs where students can discover employment contacts right on campus and create job opportunities. This option has helped me personally find connections for after graduating and gave me the confidence needed to find success after school.

Along with the Center for Career Readiness, UNC utilizes Handshake, an app developed to link students with campus jobs, as well as jobs within the UNC community. This app helps align students resume, skills, and needs for work with employers searching in the area. Giving students an easy way to connect with employers, and a head start on their career.  As a student, I have used Handshake to find awesome jobs on campus, that work with me as a student. This is an option when using Handshake, allowing you to connect with staff on campus and find a job that will fit for you, working within the UNC community.

These are just a few small highlights of the support and services UNC has to offer when preparing yourself for the work world! As my time on this campus has progressed I have found these services are there to help students succeed and should be more discussed among the campus community. Career Readiness and Handshake provide students with full access to career success. College should be a place for growth and success, with these student support and services UNC provides students with the ability to do just this.

Remember, Career Readiness and Handshake are no secret. They are there to help support you and your career choices, so make sure to stop in and see what it’s all about.