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Homecoming at UNC

Macy Jordahl Macy Jordahl
October 03, 2018

Some people don’t understand the importance of homecoming. It is often thought to be a high school experience. Here are some reasons why you should experience homecoming during your college years:

Homecoming strengthens our community of Bears

This is the time of year when former, current, and future bears gather to celebrate their pride to be a UNC Bear. Different organizations put on activities and events for students. Such as  bonfires, fireworks, and other more. Residence halls and Greek Life compete in a Bear Sync. There’s nothing that makes you feel connected like cheering on your team at the homecoming football game with hundreds fo other students,

Create memories

Homecoming only comes around once a year. This is your chance to participate, get involved, and create memories. Years after students graduate, you will remember Bear Sync and who was on your team, the costumes you wore, and who singed the best. Create memories hanging out by the bonfire as you wait for the fireworks to start with your friends.

As a a student, it’s the time to create memories. As an alumni, homecoming is a time to be nostalgic of those memories. Former bears interact with future bears and experience nostalgia, bringing back their memories of being a student. They wouldn’t have these same memories if they wouldn’t have gotten out, gotten involved, and enjoyed their time here at UNC.

So participate in Homecoming, soak in the school spirit, and enjoy being a bear!