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Figuring Out Finals

Student in Michener Library using her laptop.

May 16, 2018

As we roll up to the end of the semester, we also roll into finals week. With the stress of finals, moving out, and preparing for summer, everyday life can become overwhelming. Although each of these is their own battle, there are some tips and tricks to help get you through finals week. 

Although you may have your preparation and study habits set in stone, here are some you may be forgetting. As you prep for finals, try some of them and see what works!

Break study time into small chunks
• Review your notes… AFTER class
• Focus on… ONE task at a time
• Drink a lot of…. WATER
• Get a lot of… SLEEP
• Don’t be afraid to go to… OFFICE HOURS
• Try using… FLASHCARDS
• Prioritize… YOUR TASKS

Remember to also enjoy the last few weeks of the semester. The best way to help combat the stress of finals is by doing things you enjoy. Take a walk, watch a movie, see your friends, or listen to music. Find a way to bring balance to finals week.

Study playlists are a great way to balance entertainment and focus! 

Spotify Playlist

Tutoring Services 

Tutoring is free to students and available in a variety of subjects. Located on the lower level of Michener Library, they offer services both by drop in an appointment. During the weekdays, they are available during the day by appointment and night by drop in. Stop by to schedule an appointment!

During this prep work, or even before your finals, don’t be afraid to stop by tutoring services. Their job is to provide support, and help you ace that test! Tutoring Services also host study nights during these academically taxing times. They want to make sure that students like you are being supported. 

Good luck Bears, finals here we come!