In 2021, the Center for Peer Education staff presented “A Toolkit for Promoting Menstrual Equity in Higher Education” at the American College Health Association’s Annual Conference. Project M.E. (menstrual equity), created by CPE’s Sexual Health Educator, Rosie Glaser, accomplished converting 90% of all pre-existing coin operated menstrual product dispensers to “free of charge” systems, it also prepared “M.E.” packs with free products for menstruating students as well as created a toolkit to promote menstrual equity in higher ed settings.

A core component of Student Affairs are equity-minded practices and through programs like M.E., students are more likely to succeed both academically and socially when institutions implement programs that address health inequities among their student population. Additionally, when higher institutions provide students with increased access to free or low-cost programs that supply students with necessary health products an inclusive learning environment is instilled. When inclusivity and equitable practices surrounding access to resources are focused upon, barriers that impact learning subside.

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