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CWGE Spring 2021 Book Club: Chapter 4 and 5 Updates

CWGE Book Club

Batoul Hammoud (she/her/hers), CWGE Volunteer
April 06, 2021

Chapters 4 and 5 discuss the protests for human rights and the demand for self-determination. However, Kashmiri women would participate in the civilian resistance but expressed their emotions that were affected by their everyday lives. “Tamaam Majjin Benin che appeal yewan karneh ki tem nyeran sadki peth dharna dineh [We appeal to all mothers and sisters to come into the street and stage a dharna].” (Zia, 2019, p. 96)

Dharna’s are sit-ins that people would participate in to protest civil rights and injustice. It can form into a mobile protest where people start to walk and protest in different areas as well, specifically if the arrestee is being held somewhere else. (Zia, 2019)

The protests for human rights were deep, passionate and full of strength. There was no hesitation or fear for persecution. Some people had expressed their thoughts freely and shared their opinions on Kashmiri politics, and the future of Kashmir. Chapters 4 and 5 discuss the stories of those who have experienced family members that have disappeared, as well as how they have been treated in their own country.

During the book club meeting, the following topics were discussed: the impacts of the women being available to protest and to come in between the soldiers and the men of the community, the "Gray Zone", and the Goodwill projects.

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Anyone can join the Spring 2021 Book Club, and at any time! We will continue to read Resisting Disappearance: Military Occupation & Women’s Activism in Kashmir by UNC’s very own Dr. Ather Zia. Join us while we discuss, compare, and contrast the contents of the book with fellow readers! If you are not able to join during our scheduled Book Club meetings, you can still read along with us and get a physical copy of the book (limited quantities available) or receive a digital PDF version of the book all for free!

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