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Welcome to Spring 2021 from CWGE


Savana Griego, CWGE Graduate Assistant
January 11, 2021

Welcome (and welcome back) to the Spring 2021 semester (not to mention a whole new year)! As we start this new semester, staff of the Center for Women's and Gender Equity (CWGE) would like to extend warm greetings, introduce our center a little bit, and let you know what we have going on over the next couple of months.


The CWGE honors gender as a central identity and engages critical women's and gender issues, while challenging systems of inequity and advocating for change at the University of Northern Colorado.
Students are always welcome to stop by the CWGE to have a conversation (or over on Zoom with one of our staff) and participate in the events that we have throughout the year. We want to create spaces for our campus community to engage in conversation with us about all kinds of topics such as feminism, intersectionality and equity all through the lens of gender. Personally, when I was first introduced to the CWGE, I didn't even know what any of these topics were, and it was from engaging with the events and conversations through my work that I was able to learn more and find my passion to continue my conversations and knowledge of these topics with others.

Sneak Peek of Upcoming Events

We have a ton of opportunities this semester for folxs to engage with us! Here are some upcoming ones happening in January.

Please make sure to check out the CWGE website or the UNC Calendar for all of our upcoming events.

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank our UNC campus community for the continued support during these times and our staff for their hard work. The CWGE is one of many support resources on campus and we are here for you. Please feel free to connect with us about anything. Stay up to date with what we are doing on our website and social media (as listed below).

Here is to a great semester and year!

Center for Women’s and Gender Equity

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