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Conversations with Your Student

Two students

Yesica Arce Mendez
August 14, 2018

You may notice changes with their student as they start their college career. It is important to have strong communication with your student. There are many ways to start a conversation with your student. 

Here are some tips from a student perspective on how to show support:

Keep them up to date

Staying connected with your student through text, email, or video chat is essential! Your student wants to know what is happening back at home and simple text will make their day.

Guide rather than pressure

Share your values with your student, provide facts, and let them know the differences between the positive and negative outcomes in a situation. Suggest them with safe and healthy decisions. Some students will seek your guidance because they see the appreciation and respect you have for them as an adult.

Let them have personal growth

Not only will your student have an academic growth, but you may notice a personal growth in them. It may be hard as a parent/guardian to see a change; however, it is important to accept and respect the changes of your student as they learn to handle new situations.

Let them contact you

Let your student contact you… you shouldn’t always call first, right?! Providing the space will let your student know that they should also contact you. Let them express their feelings and ideas with you. Students may feel comfortable to speak to you and hear your guidance.

Step back and let your student experience life

Your student is now in college… should you let them solve their own problems? Yes! Parents can show their support, but remember your student is an adult. Students will find new interests and styles. College students may make mistakes, but they should also learn from them, whether it be roommate issue or eating healthy.

Send care packages

Share your love and support to your student! Remind them that you are thinking about them. You can provide them with their favorite snack, personal notes, anything to show them that you care about them! Parents can also purchase care packages through UNC Housing.

Stay Connected

It is important for your student and yourself to navigate and access the Campus Resources. Listed below are the contact information for some frequently visited UNC offices, feel free to contact any if you have any questions or concerns: