A trailblazer in every sense of the word comes to mind when the name Nubia Martinez-Caro is mentioned. A first-generation student originally from Craig Colorado; she graduated 2004 with a Marketing major and a minor in Spanish. In 2010 she attained an MBA from the University of Colorado at Denver. She overcame a myriad of obstacles becoming the first in her family to graduate and go on to become Assistant Vice President and Client Service Manager at Wells Fargo Private Bank. This impressive Latina has been busy ascending the corporate ladder, but not too busy to consistently pay it forward to the César Chávez Cultural Center Fund for the past several years.

When asked what motivates her to give back she replies:

"My motivation to give back in general stems from the gratefulness I feel at having a wonderful life and the ability to give back in whatever small way I can. Specifically, I am passionate about financial literacy and education for children of color and women. My motivation to give back to the CCCC is easy, it was my home when I was an undergrad. It was the place where I met so many people that are still my close friends 20 years later. It was where I found community. I want other students to have the opportunity to have all of that."

Nubia has even come back to UNC to serve as a keynote speaker for the Latina Youth Leadership Conference and comes back year after year to serve as a mentor for eighth grade Latina students vising the UNC campus. Some of her favorite memories of the Center are “the barbecues we used to have and dancing cumbias for the Center celebrations. I also loved the Alumni Get Together we did several years ago for homecoming. I spent so many happy hours at the Center, cooking, being afraid of Paco the ghost when I had to close, studying, and socializing."

Nubia had to overcome a devastating auto accident and went through intensive therapy to be able to walk again. She truly is an inspiration to many, not just friends, relatives, Lambda Theta Nu Sorority Inc., sisters and peers but as a stellar UNC alumna. Her words of advice to current students is:

“Enjoy your time at UNC. You will never have the college experience again so make friends, get involved, and study hard. The connections you make in college can come back to you years later so take time to get to know people from different social groups and hone those connections. You never know when your next opportunity will come from."