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10 Reasons YOU Should Be An RA/CA

10 Reasons to be an RA

Drew Lail
January 13, 2020

The Housing and Residential Education (HRE) department is currently looking for candidates to become a 2020/2021 Resident Assistant (RA) /Community Assistant (CA).This department is dedicated to not only selecting but growing students in areas of leadership, communication, crisis management and overall social responsibility. The RA/CA position will allow you to make a real difference in the UNC community as well as set you up for success in your own career path.

Why become an RA/CA? I have an answer for that. Here what this position will do for you:

1. Time Management

We will teach you how to balance your time as a student, a person and a staff member. The skills acquired here will help in all aspects of your UNC life.

2. Community

Our RA/CA’s are responsible for several on campus students. These students will look to you to help them acclimate and work through college life in a community of support. 

3. Lifelong Friends

Our RA/CA staff develop friendships with their resident, co-workers and supervisors that cannot be duplicated anywhere else!

4. Interpersonal Skills

Regardless if you are an extrovert or introvert this position will help you build your communication and interpersonal skills through guided trainings and a developmental atmosphere.

5. Seen as a Role Model

As an RA/CA people will look up to you. Residents will come to you for advice and will see you as someone they would like to emulate. 

6. Become more Marketable after Graduation

The skills gained in the RA/CA position make you more marketable in the job search! We teach you how to handle conflict, work as a team and independently complete projects. All awesome skills on a resume!

7. Memories

The RA/CA role is one that brings with it the best stories, relationships and view of the UNC campus!

8. Make an Impact

Being an RA means that you are not only trained but entrusted with the safety of the UNC students. While this is a big responsibility it also comes with it the sense that you are working to help something greater than yourself. 

9. Connections Across Campus

People around campus know our RA/CA staff. They are ingrained into the culture of UNC and are seen across campus as leaders in the community.

10. Make the most of your College Experience

College is about finding who you are as a person. The RA/CA job offers you the chance to experience college from a whole new view point. You will make a difference in community while continuing to grow in your own professional and academic journey.

HRE is excited to provide you the opportunity to become one of our new student leaders. Our Handshake application will be open until January 26th. We cant wait to meet you for this new opportunity!

 Application dates and more information

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