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At UNC You Are...

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April 18, 2018

At UNC you are...

  • Smart

    At a glance, on-campus housing is a large chunk of your college expenses. When you break it down though, this includes furniture, utilities, Internet, cable, laundry, and other amenities that usually come at an additional cost elsewhere.

    This one overall cost, as well as the fact that it is all automatically set up for you when you move in, means less work for you and more time and energy left for you to use on actually enjoying your experiences here.

  • Close

    In college, there’s a lot going on. Your time is valuable, and living on campus helps you make the most of each day. Quick break between classes? You can just zip over to your residence hall and still have plenty of time to get to your next commitment.

    Wake up late? Rolling out of bed and getting to class on time is still doable. Plus, you’re right next door to all of your friends and most event locations, so you can get anywhere important with just a short walk; transportation will never be a worry on campus.

  • Independent

    Being away from home means learning how to “adult” and deal with things on your own. It can be scary, but also freeing. You get to make decisions about your life from what you eat for breakfast to when you go to bed. This is a big responsibility, but being on campus helps to ease you into this new lifestyle because you’re surrounded by resources to help you make smart decisions.

  • Supported

    The first people you will interact with when you enter your residence hall is the desk assistant. Our front desks are open 24/7, so someone is always there to help you out or answer your questions. Your resident assistant lives super close, and you’ll see them on a regular basis too. There is a diversity mentor in each hall to spread awareness of social justice issues.

    You’ll also have access to your Hall Director, as well as the HRE psychologist. All of these individuals have access to and knowledge of campus resources that can help you out in any situation, so don’t be afraid to take advantage and ask!

  • Connected

    Our Faculty in Residence (FIR) program truly sets us apart. Regardless of your area of study, you will get to meet and build a relationship with a UNC faculty member who lives just down the hall from you. They’re accessible as a resource and they love to connect with the students in their building. They put on regular programs to encourage their residents to come out and socialize.

  • Involved

     Your voice is a vital part of creating a genuine, positive experience for yourself in college. We want to know what you want, and there are so many ways to have your voice be heard.

    The easiest is to join your residence hall’s Community Council! These student-led groups meet weekly to plan programs, discuss what residents want and need, and propose fund allocations. From the start of the semester, you can be actively involved by either running for a position on the council (anyone is eligible) or simply attending weekly meetings as part of the general council. Know what’s going on in your hall and be part of important decision making that affects you personally! Plus, you don’t even have to leave your building – sounds like a great opportunity to show off your PJs!

  • Active

    We mentioned programs? These great events happen practically on your doorstep every week. They range from educational programs, like the diversity mentors’ hot topic discussions, to socializing at movie nights, and some just for the fun of it. These are fantastic ways to get out of your room, interact with your neighbors, and they often involve free food. All this fun for free? Sign us up! You can also check out the Campus Recreation. There are programs, events, and more happening throughout the year.

  • Fed

    Living on campus, you’re required to have a meal plan (for the most part… terms and conditions can be found on the Housing Contract).

    The dining halls are right next door to where you live. You have quick and easy access to hot, fresh food for every meal. Want to take it to go? We have options for that too! All of our residence halls also have community kitchen spaces, so if you feel like cooking something up for yourself, you can! You’ll never go hungry.

  • Safe

    All of our residence halls are accessed with your student ID card. You can only get in your own building. Any company coming over checks in at the front desk so we know who’s in the building.

    This everyday security, our UNC Police Department making their nightly rounds means that we’ve got your back, and your residence hall is guaranteed to be the safest place on campus.

  • Home

    Our number one goal is for UNC to be your "home away from home." We do this by providing you with all of the resources and amenities listed above and by listening to what you need.

    You’re our priority. You’re why we do what we do. We know that there are a lot of big decisions that go into choosing a college and a place to live, and we want you to know that we’re here to help throughout that process… and we can’t wait to welcome you home.