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UNC's Affinity Groups

LGBTQ+ History month

October 03, 2019

Affinity Groups are smaller groups that meet once or twice a month to discuss individual identities and to find solidarity and support. Below is a list of the Affinity Group meetings in October with the times and dates that they will meet.

If you do not see a certain identity listed below and would like to start your own affinity group, or would like more information about specific groups, please contact our Affinity Groups Coordinator at gsrc@unco.edu.

bi/pan/polyromantic/sexual affinity group

Bi/Pan/Polyromantic/Sexual Affinity Group


Meetings are to create community among multisexual/multiromantic identities.

trans & nonbinary affinity group

The Trans/Non-Binary Affinity Group

Is a group centered around supporting students who identify as transgender, non-binary and those who may be questioning their gender identity.

Queer Book Club

Queer Book Club


The Queer Book Club is a group centered around coming together to read and discuss Queer literature.

Current Book: Radical Hope: Letters of Love and Dissent in Dangerous Times (arranged by Carolina de Robertis)

queer & transgender people of color affinity group

Queer & Transgender People of Color Affinity Group

The Queer People of Color Affinity Group is a group for students who identify as Queer/Trans and as people of color.


Queer Crafting

Queer Crafting Affinity Group

The Queer Crafting Affinity Group hosts monthly meetings to learn new crafts and enjoy community.

lgbtq+ graduate affinity group

LGBTQ+ Graduate Affinity Group

The LGBTQ+ Graduate Student Affinity Group is for graduate students at UNC who identify as LGBTQ+.

Gay Men's Affinity Group

Gay Men's Affinity Group

The Gay Men Affinity Group is a group centered around students at UNC who identify as gay men.

LGBTQ Christian Affinity Group

LGBTQ Christian Affinity Group


The LGBTQ+ Christian Affinity Group hosts a bible study and discusses the intersections of Christianity and LGBTQ+ identity.

Questioning Affinity Group

Questioning Affinity Group

The Questioning Affinity Group is for anybody questioning their sexuality, romantic identity, and/or gender. This will be a space for folks to talk and find community and solidarity among others on campus who may be questioning.

Queer Women's Affinity Group

Queer Women's Affinity Group

The Queer Women Affinity Group is a group centered around supporting women at UNC who identify within the LGBTQ+ spectrums.

ace/aro affinity group

Ace/Aro Affinity Group

The Aromantic & Asexual Affinity Group is a group centered around supporting those who identify within the Aromantic and/or Asexual Spectrum.

healthy polyamory affinity group

Healthy Polyamory Affinity Group

An affinity group that celebrates and discusses practicing healthy polyamory.

queer d&d

Newest Affinity Group: Queer D&D

The Queer D&D Affinity Group is a new affinity group open to everyone who's interested, whether you're a beginner or otherwise. There will be 5 DMs available for campaigns.