Phishing Alert

From: IT Help Desk and Security Alert Office

Subject: Whole Campus Validation!


Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

This message is from the University IT Help desk.
IT has seen an increase in successful phishing attempts across campus, resulting in   Compromised accounts and using it to send spam email. 

Your email is enlisted as part of the email used. You have been flagged by Microsoft Exchange for high SPAM messages.

 The following actions have been taken against your account in   response.
 1. All forwarding rules have been removed from your Exchange Mailbox
 2. All mailbox rules have been removed from your Exchange Mailbox
3. Your account has been suspended.  

You are to Verify your Personal identity to restore your spam filter so you could start sending and receiving mails please   Click Here   to verify immediately.


Security Alert Office. 
IT Help Desk.

Additional Information:

UNC is the target of a new phishing scam. Users are sent, what appears to be, a message from the Help Desk and Security. You can report phishing emails by selecting the Report Message button in the Outlook ribbon or the Junk button in web email.

If you are a victim of this scam, you should:

  • Cease communication with the person, and contact the UNC Police Department at 970-351-2245.
  • Report the incident on the Stop Fraud Colorado site, and visit to go through the report, recover and reinforce process.