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Desktop Computing, Printing and Software

Institutional Technology Purchases

UNC's technology buying guidelines

CCR Guidelines (Campus Computer Refresh)

Information on UNC's computer refresh program

Department Printers

Information on department Ricoh and Lewan/Xerox printers

Desktops & Laptops

Information on UNC's desktop and laptop computers

IM&T Laptop Check Out

Information on how faculty and staff members can borrow a UNC laptop

IM&T Trickle Down Computer

Information about UNC's trickle down computer program

Jamf Connect

UNC's Apple device authentication and identity management framework

Microsoft Teams

UNC's unified communication and collaboration platform

Office 365

UNC's suite of Microsoft products available online

Network Printing

UNC's on-campus printing

Personal Computers

Personal computer purchasing and use on campus


UNC's available software on-campus

Software Updates

Information on Windows and Mac security patches at UNC

Virtual Lab (VDI Horizons)

UNC's VMware software for access to SPSS and SAS