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Retirement Benefits

Mandatory Retirement Plan

The University requires all employees to contribute 8% of your salary towards your retirement plan.  Employees may choose one of four retirement vendors: PERA (you must have already been in PERA for one year to enroll), TIAACREF, Metlife, or VALIC.  The University contributes 11.5% of your salary to TIAACREF, Metlife, or VALIC which are all 401(a) retirement plans and 10.15% to PERA, which is a defined benefit plan.  The retirement plans are in lieu of Social Security, which is not an option at UNC.

Supplemental Retirement Plans

Employees may also elect to contribute additional retirement funds through payroll deductions by enrolling in a 403(b) or 457 plan.  These deductions are tax deferred income. View list of providers. 

Leave Benefits

Short-Term Disability (Sick) Leave

Full-time administrative /professional exempt staff employee shall be entitled to a maximum of ninety (90) days of fully compensated leave for short-term disability each fiscal year.  See Board Policy Manual, Section 2-2-302 Short-Term Disability (Sick) Leave, for more information.

Paid Vacation Leave

Full-time administrative/professional exempt staff shall accrue sixteen (16) work hours of vacation leave every calendar month of employment.  See Board Policy Manual, Section 2-2-301 Vacation Leave, for more information.

Learn more about Leave Benefits