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Advising Information for Current Students

Asian Studies B.A.

Because the Asian Studies Major is interdisciplinary, it is important that students meet regularly with the Asian Studies advisor, and attend the group advising meetings each semester (Early October in the fall, and late March in the spring). Since the courses for Asian Studies come from different departments and colleges throughout the university, it is vital that students attend the meetings and meet with an advisor to select the best courses for their schedules in order to graduate on time. Together, we can design a program that fits your interests best, and allows you to explore the topics and themes that most appeal to you. We can also figure out when it would be best for you to study abroad and/or do one of our internships in Asia, while still allowing you to graduate on time.

Asian Studies Liberal Arts Emphasis

Chinese K-12 Teaching Emphasis

Japanese K-12 Teaching Emphasis

Asian Studies Minor

General Advising Information

  • Academic Advising is a critical aspect of a student's success in college.
  • All students at UNC have an assigned academic advisor who can assist them during the academic journey to graduation.
  • Advising services in the Office of Academic Support and Advising (ASA) are specialized for students who are exploring major options, or who
  • are having academic difficulty.
  • ASA staff consists of professional academic advisors who are ready to answer your questions about UNC.
  • Academic advisors provide students with the information needed to make decisions about their academic career.
  • Students will receive expert advice, but are ultimately responsible for their progress toward a degree.

UNC Academic Support and Advising

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Due to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), University staff can provide academic information about a student only to the student themselves. This includes items such as cumulative grade point average, grades, and academic standing. There is however, a great deal of general information that can be shared with the support system of a student.