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German at UNC

Program Overview


The German courses at UNC stress acquisition of four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Classes at all levels are performance-oriented, geared toward proficiency in the language and conducted in German. Students also develop skills in critical thinking as they acquire familiarity with German-language literature and civilization. The program’s extracurricular activities encourage cultural awareness while developing leadership and organizational and promotional abilities.

Students in German may choose to pursue graduate study in German or, having combined their language study with other fields such as education, business, political science, international trade and relations, history, fine arts and others, can become involved in careers in international business, world affairs, social work or the arts.

Opportunities in UNC's German Program

German Club

Meet other students interested in German and discover a unique support system at UNC.

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Study Abroad

Students interested in studying abroad in Germany can choose from a variety of programs in Karlsruhe, Oldenburg, and Furtwangen. Programs in German as well as programs in English are available.

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