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European Languages and Cultures at UNC 

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About the Program

The program in European Languages and Cultures helps individuals to develop an in-depth understanding of one or more European nations and their language(s), as well as a broad understanding of Europe as a region. This program balances appreciation for cultural commonalities, which constitute a sense of shared identity in the European Union, with a nuanced sense of the continent’s linguistic, ethnic, and cultural diversity. Objects of study include the languages, history, literatures, arts, and cultures of Europe. Upon completing this program, students will have a well-founded appreciation for the continent’s cultural legacy, as well as the linguistic and intercultural competence to work effectively in Europe or with Europeans in such professional domains as international business, bilingual education, the foreign service, or international NGOs.

This new degree fosters knowledge of European perspectives and issues from their origins to modern times. Courses in the French, German, or Spanish languages prepare students with the linguistic and cultural competence to engage native speakers in Western or Central Europe. Courses in European Culture Studies (EUR), English (ENG), history (HIST), and political science (PSCI) permit students to configure their degree program with the particular knowledge and skills they need, either for graduate study or for their chosen career.

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