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Information for Undergraduates

B.A. in Sociology

Advising Information

Students must consult with their assigned major advisor each semester prior to registering (the advisor will provide them with the PIN number required for registration). Advisor information is available on URSA (under the Student tab, visit View Student Information under Registration Tools). If no advisor is listed, contact the major program office for advisor information.

Minor in Sociology

Online B.A. in Sociology

Welcome! You are now enrolled in the UNC Sociology-Applied Sociology Bachelor of Arts Degree Completion program...now what? This section will help get you up and running.

The following are resources to not only help get new online degree students up and running, but are resources for ongoing online students also:

The Writing Center

Are you returning to college after a few (or more) years away? Are you a little nervous about writing papers? There is online tutoring available through The Writing Center.

LAC/Elective Courses

Extended Campus online degree completion programs offer the required program courses but do not guarantee LAC or elective course availability. Students who wish to take UNC courses not offered through their Extended Campus program must register for the on-campus section of the course to hold their place in the course and then immediately contact their Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinator will work with the Extended Campus Coordinator.

When Extended Campus receives a request from the Program Coordinator and student, the EC Coordinator will seek space available approval from the Dean and the Instructor of the course that is offered on campus.

Once approval is given, the EC coordinator will set up a section to be merged with the original section. The Extended Campus section will be set with the Extended Campus degree program tuition rate. EC is not able to go over the capacity for the class or override prerequisite errors; only the instructor is able to override either of these.

Students must contact their Program Advisor and approval must be given before the course Add deadline. If approval is not given, or the student contacts the Program Advisor after the Add deadline for the course, the student is responsible for either dropping the course before the Drop deadline or paying the Out-of-State tuition rate. Add/Drop deadlines can be found on on the Semester Academic Calendar. The Extended Campus Degree program tuition rate for space available seats in class is not a guarantee.