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Josh Packard

Josh Packard

Associate Professor

Department of Sociology
College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Contact Information

(970) 351-2374
(970) 351-1527
Candelaria 2290
Mailing Address
University of Northern Colorado
Department of Sociology
Campus Box 142
Greeley, CO 80639


Vanderbilt University, Ph.D., Department of Sociology, Nashville, TN
Dissertation: Organizational Structure, Religious Belief and Resistance: The Emerging Church

Vanderbilt University, M.A., Department of SociologyNashville, TN
Exams: Education and Organizations; Thesis: Women & Contact Sport: The Case of Female Football Players

Texas Lutheran University, B.A., English

Professional/Academic Experience

Research/Areas of Interest

Publications/Creative Works


Packard, Josh with Ashleigh Hope*. 2015. Church Refugees: Sociologists reveal why people are DONE with church but not their faith. Loveland, CO: Group Publishing. 

Packard, Josh. 2012. The Emerging Church: Religion at the Margins.  Boulder, CO: Lynne Reinner/First Forum Press.  

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications and Chapters

Packard, Josh. Forthcoming. “Foreword.” In The Emerging Church Movement: An Interdisciplinary Reader. forthcoming.  Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock.

Bruce, Tricia C. and Josh Packard. Forthcoming. “Organizational Innovation” in Handbook of Religion and Society. Boston, MA: Springer Publishing. 

Packard, Josh. Forthcoming. “The Emerging Church in an International Context.” in The Brill Handbook of Contemporary Christianity: Movements, Institutions & Allegiance edited by Stephen Dalton. Boston, MA: Brill.

Packard, Josh and George Sanders. 2013. “The Emerging Church as Corporatization’s Line of Flight.” Journal of Contemporary Religion, 28(3): 437-455.

Packard, Josh.  2013. “The Impact of Racial Diversity in the Classroom: Activating the Sociological Imagination.” Teaching Sociology. 41(2): 144-158.

Packard, Josh, Lindsey Callaway*, Chris Dorris*, and Emily Suhr*.  2013. “Social ties, Disorder and Distress: A Qualitative Examination of the Protective Effects of Social Capital in Neighborhoods.” International and Multidisciplinary Journal of the Social Sciences. 2(1).

Carlston, David, Ahmed Mattar and Josh Packard (authors contributed equally). 2012. “Exploratory Analysis of Patients’ Motivations to Quit Smoking and Participate in Smoking Cessation Classes.”  Family Medicine. 44(10):727-730.

Pitt, Richard and Josh Packard. 2012. “Activating Diversity: The Impact of Student Race on Contributions to Course Discussions.” The Sociological Quarterly. 53(2):295-320.

Honors and Awards

2015 - Award for Excellence in Social Science Engaged Research. University of Northern Colorado. $1000 for research expenses.

More Information

What made you choose Sociology as your field?

I wanted to do something with my life that was scientifically grounded but also had the potential to make real change in the world.  Sociology is the best way that I know of to do that.

What is your most memorable sociological moment?

The first time that I had to opportunity to teach.  Such a challenge and so important. 

What is your current research area(s) and why it is important to you?

I study entrepreneurship and innovation, and also religion.  I am fascinated that with all of the technology that surrounds us, it is words and ideas that hold people together.  Always has been, always will be.  I’m so curious to know how those ideas and words get constructed.

What hobbies and interests do you have and what it is about them that appeals to you?

This will sound weird, but I work.  I’m not a workaholic, it’s just that everything that isn’t sociology feels like a chore. 

What is your philosophy on life?

Intelligence is overrated.  There are a lot of smart people.  Compassion and work ethic are in short supply, though.

“Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they've got a second.  Give your dreams all you’ve got and you’ll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you.”

-William James

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