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Clubs in World Languages and Cultures

Calling all language students!

Joining one of our clubs is a great opportunity to interact with classmates, native speakers and faculty from your program! Practice your language skills, have fun and celebrate culture with a variety of meetings and activities throughout the year. Clubs that our students join include: Chinese Culture Club, French Club, German Club, Japanese Culture and Anime Club and Japanese Language Club.

For more information on clubs at UNC, please visit the Clubs & Organizations website.

  • Chinese Culture Club

    Chinese Culture Club

    The Chinese Culture Club is an opportunity for students to practice their Mandarin, have fun, and celebrate Chinese culture. The club meets every Wednesday from 4:30 to 6 p.m. at Kohl House, the office of A/PASS and NASS (located at 924 20th Street).

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    Activities Include:

    • Chinese games
    • Chinese films
    • Chinese Hair Night
    • Cooking
    • Immersion Weekend in Breckenridge
    • Prepping for Lunar New Year banquet
    • Chinese Karaoke


    • President - Sarah Grant
    • Vice President - William Adams
    • Treasurer - Rick Medrano
    • Secretary - Margaret Wall
    • Faculty Advisor - Michelle Low
  • French Club

    French Club

    The goal of French Club is to give Francophiles (people with a great interest in French, French Culture, etc.) a place outside of the classroom to interact. The club also provides a support system for members, whose abilities range from beginning French up to advanced levels, so it is a great place to get help. French Club also gives students a chance to interact with professors outside of the classroom, especially on excursions like the annual Immersion Weekend and the Denver Art Museum. From these excursions, members build relationships with professors that would not have been built from inside classroom walls.

    Past events include hosting screenings of French films, planning an “Immersion Weekend” where the group traveled to Estes Park to speak only French, and hosting guest speakers to share their expertise.

    In 2013, the club also entered a video, “Finding Culture,” for the Languages Lives Inside challenge of the Vista Higher Learning Video Contest.

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    President: Kristen Buchter
    Faculty Advisor: Christine Moritz

  • German Club

    German Club

    German Club hosts a variety of events each year to practice German and celebrate German culture. For information about the club and its events, contact David Caldwell.



    Stammtisch is a weekly gathering of students and other persons interested in speaking and hearing German. The group usually includes about 30 people. All levels of language proficiency are represented, from beginning to native speaker. You’ll be sure to find a Gesprächspartner(-in) with whom you can have a chat!

    Wann: Mondays 7-10 pm.
    Wo: Pitcher’s Brewery, 2501 11th Ave., in the dining area.

    Das Greeley Oktoberfest

    UNC German students, in cooperation with the City of Greeley, participate in the Oktoberfest each fall. The festival takes place in Lincoln Park with food and music. Prosit!

    German Film/Video Series

    Each semester several German-language films are screened free of charge. They are shown with large screen projection in the original with English subtitles. Recent selections include Goodbye Lenin! (2003) and Gegen die Wand (2004).

    Wanderwochenende / Hiking Weekend

    Twice a year the German Club conducts a German-only hiking weekend in Rocky Mountain National Park. We stay in a rustic cabin, cook German food, watch German movies, listen to German music, play games in German, and, of course, we go for long hikes.

  • Japanese Culture and Anime Club

    Japanese Culture and Anime Club

    Throughout the year, the Japanese Culture and Anime Club participates in a variety of university-wide activities.

    In the fall, there is the annual Taste of A/PASS, where student clubs make and serve a variety of authentic Asian foods from different countries.

    Every winter, the Chinese Culture Club and Japanese Culture and Anime Club work with other clubs and student services on campus to bring the Annual Lunar New Year Celebration to UNC. The celebration begins with a Carnival, and follows with a banquet and entertainment full of Lunar New Year traditions. 

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    Learn more at Asian/Pacific American Student Services (A/PASS).

  •  Japanese Language Club

    Japanese Language Club

    Be a part of the on-campus Japanese community by joining the Japanese Language Club. Everyone is welcome! Improve speaking and listening skills by participating in regular kaiwa (conversation) groups. Meet native speakers and explore various topics, including reading, writing, culture, arts, history, social studies, literature, film and many other issues relating to Japan.

    Regular meetings are held Mondays from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Kohl House, the office of A/PASS and NASS (located at 924 20th Street). Special events and celebrations take place on and off-campus throughout the year. For more information, please contact Sumiko Gibson.

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