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About Us

Highlights of our Program and Faculty

  • Spanish Teaching and Teaching Spanish as a Second Language have recently been awarded national collegiate accreditation from NCATE (National Collegiate Accreditation for Teacher Education)
  • The experience of our faculty and the small size of most of our courses ensure that our students receive personal attention and a superior education.
  • The members of our faculty have outstanding professional research and publication records. 
  • The Hispanic Studies program provides a fully-equipped, modern language laboratory. 
  • Our students have many opportunities to study the Spanish language and Hispanic culture for an academic term in Spain, Mexico or South America.
  • In recent years, undergraduates in Hispanic Studies have been involved in Cinco de Mayo, Dia de los Muertos, Chicana/Chicano Festival de Artes, UNC’s World Language Day and Sigma Delta Pi, the national honor society.

About Our Offerings

UNC’s Hispanic Studies Department offers a wide variety of programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Our undergraduate offerings include majors in Spanish Liberal Arts, Spanish K-12 Teaching, Mexican American Studies Liberal Arts and Mexican American Studies K-12 Teaching. We also have minors in both Spanish and Mexican American Studies and teaching endorsements in Spanish, Teaching English as a Second Language and Bilingual Bicultural endorsements for elementary and secondary education students.

Our graduate program, Master of Arts in Foreign Language: Spanish Teaching Emphasis, allows students who have a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish to obtain a Master’s Degree in three summers on the Greeley campus, with one optional summer Study Abroad in Salamanca, Spain.


The Hispanic Studies faculty is highly experienced in teaching undergraduates. This experience, combined with the small size of most Hispanic Studies courses, ensures that you will receive a superior education. The faculty is committed to giving you as much personal attention as possible in the classroom and in advising sessions.

The Hispanic Studies faculty is active in professional research and publication. Their interests include subjects as diverse as Chicano art and history, creative writing, gender studies, foreign language methodology and Latin American, Mexican and Spanish literature. Our faculty members are actively involved with professional organizations and regularly make scholarly presentations to local, state and national associations. Many provide service to national language organizations and to the local community. Faculty members are constantly updating their knowledge of Hispanic culture and civilization, pursuing post-doctoral training and new professional interests, and frequently traveling to Spanish-speaking areas and countries to maintain contact with current social developments in Hispanic cultures.

Meet our Faculty