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Journalism & Media Studies

Admission Policy & Procedure

To be admitted to the program, you must first declare the JMS pre-major. Ideally, the pre-major should be declared in the freshman or sophomore year. Application for admission to full JMS-major status should take place during the sophomore year. All pre-majors will need to visit the JMS office each semester for advising and to receive a PIN in order to register for the following semester.

It is important to note the JMS major is a two-year program beyond the time at which a pre-major is admitted with full JMS major status. Whether admitted as a sophomore, junior or senior, the newly admitted JMS major will often need two full academic years to complete the major course requirements. In particular, seniors and transfer students who are considering applying to become JMS majors are advised that it is not usually possible to complete the process of application to the major and all the required coursework in fewer than four regular semesters.

To Become a JMS Pre-Major

  • Read the JMS department's Acknowledgment Letter available from the JMS department office (Candelaria 1265) and sign the form on the reverse side of the Letter.
  • Deliver the signed Acknowledgment Letter to JMS's administrative assistant, and fill out a Change of Major/Minor form at the JMS office.

To Become a JMS Major

  • Complete ENG 122 and JMS 100 with grades of "C" or better in both. "C-" does not count.
  • Complete 30 semester hours of undergraduate credit. Hours accepted in transfer from another college or university can count toward these 30 hours as can credits for ENG 122 & JMS 100.
  • After completing ENG 122, JMS 100 and a total of 30 hours, complete the Application for Admission to the Major in Journalism and Media Studies form (PDF) and submit it in October or February. Please see below for specific deadlines.
  • Bring your application and, if applicable, transcripts, to the JMS office in Candelaria 1265, or mail to:

University of Northern Colorado
Journalism and Media Studies
Campus Box 114
Greeley, CO 80639

  • The application and transcripts must reach the JMS department between the following dates:
    • Oct. 1 and Oct. 15 for Fall admission
    • Feb. 1 and Feb. 15 for Spring Admission
  • If Oct. 15 or Feb. 15 falls on a Saturday or Sunday, applications will be accepted through the following Monday.