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Student Media

Bear News

Bear News is produced under the supervision of the Journalism & Media Studies program. Under the direction of Professor Dale Edwards, students report, write, tape and edit their own stories. The show’s focus is the campus, but reporters also cover city, state and national events that affect the campus community. Meteorology students prepare and present the show’s weather segment. A student producer assembles the show rundown, a student crew operates all of the studio equipment in the JMS three-camera digital studio; student anchors present news, weather and sports.

Bear News is broadcast on YouTube each week on the Bear News YouTube channel, BearNews98.

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Clubs & Organizations

student public relations network

Student Public Relations Network is a student-run club that exists to create networking and learning opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career in public relations, advertising or marketing through professional presentations, seminars and visits to public relations and advertising agencies. Club membership is open to all UNC students. 

SPRN's goal is for students to grow their network of professionals who can help them expand their knowledge of the public relations, marketing and advertising industries.