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Academic Programs

Program Overview

Journalism BA - Public Relations

The public relations emphasis combines theory and application to create an experience rich in social scientific research, creative concept development, writing and editing, media planning, and persuasive campaign execution. This emphasis combines the principles of public relations and marketing to form an inclusive study of strategic message design and distribution through various media. Students will also become familiar with the history and ethical and legal issues facing professionals in this career field. 

Journalism BA - News and Multimedia Journalism

The News and Multimedia Journalism track is intended for all students interested in providing news for the public, whether it will appear in print, broadcast or online media. The new emphasis will allow students to do everything necessary to produce news, including reporting, writing, shooting video, editing video and audio, and working in a studio.

Media Studies Minor

A minor in Media Studies focuses on the social and cultural aspects of media and is available for non-journalism majors.


Important: If you enrolled as a Journalism major in Fall 2015 or earlier, please visit the Current Students page for information related to your program. The Journalism B.A. introduced new emphases in Fall 2016, but students who were enrolled prior to that will finish with their original emphasis.

Bears Go Big

UNC Bears go out into the world to do BIG and significant work. Meet Maria Henderson, B.A. Journalism, 2012, ecommerce director at The Levy Group.

[My professors] directed my career and made me the person that i am today.

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