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Post-Bac Program

Program Overview

The History Post-Baccalaureate (Post-Bac) program leads to licensure in Social Studies; it is designed for students who already hold a BA. The program begins in May of one year and ends in May the following year.

Before applying to the program, all History Post-Bac applicants must meet with or otherwise contact the History Post-Bac advisor, Fritz Fischer. After speaking with the History Post-Bac advisor, applicants must apply to the Graduate School, marking on the application that they are applying to the History Post-Bac program. Once the applicant has applied to the Graduate School, the application is processed by History and by the Education program. Applicants should understand that they will be taking mostly education courses in the Post-Bac. Questions about the education portion of the Post-Bac can be sent to Jonathan Shaw.

Program Requirements

There are a number of prerequisites for this program. In order to be admitted the state of Colorado mandates that students have taken:

  • at least 18 credits in History
  • at least 18 credits of social science support classes, which must include the following:
      • ANT 110: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
      • ECON 203: Macroeconomics
      • GEOG 100: World Geography
      • PSCI 100: American National Government
      • 6 additional upper-level credits (2 classes, 200-level or higher) in ECON, GEOG, or PSCI.

Applicants cannot be admitted to the program until they have completed the above prerequisites with at least a B- in all of them. Those interested can certainly apply with one or two classes left to take and can be admitted provisionally, but students who have not completed a majority of the above requirements cannot be admitted. Please contact Jonathan Shaw and/or Professor Fischer for a transcript evaluation if you are unsure if you meet the requirements for admission.

Applicants need to understand that this is a demanding program. In the fall semester, it will not be possible to work full time, and in the spring students will be teaching full-time in the classroom, so no outside employment will be possible. In addition, if at any point in the program a course is failed or if the GPA drops below a 3.0, History has the right to drop students from the entire program. It is not possible to get the MA in History and do the Post-Bac simultaneously, but we can coordinate such a program where students switch off coursework between programs. It will take at least three years with the MA in History. Contact Professor Fischer for more details.