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Spanish Placement Exam

UNC’s Hispanic Studies department uses the WebCAPE language placement exam, an examination developed by the Brigham Young University Humanities Technology and Research Support Center. The exam is designed to help you determine which course you should take given the level of your ability.

Taking the exam

To take the exam, click on the link below and enter the password “bears1” in the box labeled “Password.” The use of this password ensures that your exam results will be made available to the appropriate person or persons in the Hispanic Studies department for their review.

Take the Exam Now

After the exam

After you have taken the test you will be given the Spanish Placement Exam Report. Please print this page or write down the points you have received and the class level that is recommended for you. If you score 200 or less you may register now for SPAN 101. You must be released by the Instructor of the class to take any Spanish class other than Spanish 101.

For questions or concerns, please contact Heidi Romero at Heidi.Romero@unco.edu or (970) 351-4714.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) 

Receive a passing score in the CLEP tests (available for SPAN 101 and SPAN 102) and earn credit for those courses.

Learn more about CLEP