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ProGeographer: Geography Education Graduate Certificate Program

The Program

Geography of Human Action (Geography 520A) - Fall semester (taught online by Dr. Timothy Vowles)

Urban Landuse & Landscapes (Geography 520B) - Spring semester (taught online by Dr. Timothy Vowles)

Teaching Geography (Geography 513) - Spring semester (taught online by Dr. James Dunn)

Field Geography of Western Colorado (Geography 592) - Early August

Note: We are often asked about when you start the program. You may complete the program by starting at any point in the sequence of course offerings. You may take up to two courses ala carte. You can take a semester off as well.

"I still use things I learned from that program in class. It was really one of the most useful and applicable programs I've taken. I think that my enjoyment (and success) of the ProGeographer program is part of what motivated me to look at graduate school."

—Suzanne Dickens, Fort Collins High School, 2008 graduate of ProGeographer


Non-Certificate Option

Students may take up to two classes individually for the non-certificate option.

Geography Field Trip on the Colorado River