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Project Information

See Student Projects tab for all internet mapping activities. A complete list is provided below.

See Teacher Resources tab for lesson plans (including connections to Colorado standards), student worksheets, and answer keys.

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Elementary-grades Activities (2019)


   Regions of Colorado

Activity R-1: Western Colorado

Activity R-2: Southern Colorado

Activity R-3: Front Range and Denver

Activity R-4: Eastern Colorado

   Changing County Boundaries

Activity CB-1: Defining the State's Border

Activity CB-2: Early Colorado Counties

Activity CB-3: 20th-Century County Changes


   Colorado's Physical Geography

Activity PG-1: The Continental Divide

Activity PG-2: Precipitation Patterns

Activity PG-3: Life Zones

Activity PG-4: Measurements


   Population Growth Before 1900

Activity PE-1: : Early Population Growth – part a

Activity PE-2: Early Population Growth – part b

Activity PE-3: Late 19th Century Growth

   Population Growth After 1900

Activity PL-1: Colorado's Growing Population

Activity PL-2: The 1930s: Depression and Dustbowl

Activity PL-3: Post 1940: Urbanization and Recreation – parts a and b


   From Trails to Interstates

Activity T-1: Early Transport in Colorado

Activity T-2: Transportation After 1900


   Mining and Population

Activity MP-1: Colorado's Mining Regions

Activity MP-2: Change in a Mining Town

Activity MP-3: Change in a Supply Town

Middle-grades Activities (2015)

An earlier verion (2015-2016) of Mapping Our Past with teacher guide and exercises (with keys) is available. The earlier versions of the project are appropriate for 8th grade and above. Each unit (Regions, Physical Geography, etc.) is given as one file. Teachers will need to edit the word documents. See Mapping Our Past--2015 (as a zip file).