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Writing Resources

Learning to write well is a life-long process. In part, this process continues simply because we, as writers, will inevitably be expected to write in different contexts and in different forms throughout the course of our lives – e.g. texts, emails, business memos, lab reports, essays, literature reviews, ethnographies, speeches, etc. We, writing teachers, recognize that our students enter into our writing courses at different stages in their development as writers. Often, writers need a bit more support than our courses alone can offer them.

If you are struggling with a particular issue in your writing, please take a look at the multiple resources available to you on campus; these resources can help you address and work through those obstacles:

First Year Writing Program

If you have questions about our first-year writing curriculum, please take a look at our descriptions of the courses you can take to fulfill the LAC 1A and B requirements.

First Year Writing

Writing Center

If you are struggling with any part of the writing process – e.g. brainstorming, grammar and mechanics, organization of ideas -- please contact the Writing Center for help:

Writing Center

Intensive English Program

If you are an international student and would like to find out what resources might be available to you – e.g. tutoring – please contact the Center for International Education:

CIE Intensive English Program

UNC Library

If you are researching a paper topic and/or need to find out how to cite sources, check out the library’s website for information: