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Lauren Brentnell

Lauren Brentnell


English Department
Humanities and Social Sciences

Contact Information

Office Hours
In-person Mon and Wed, 1pm-3pm. Zoom (link available through Canvas): Fri 2pm-5pm. Also available by appointment.
Mailing Address
University of Northern Colorado
English Department
Campus Box 109
Greeley, CO 80639


PhD in Rhetoric and Writing (Michigan State University), Dissertation: “Responding to Sexual Violence Through Care-Based Practices in Writing Programs”

M.A. in Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy (University of Oklahoma)

B.A. in English, B.A. in Political Science, and Major in Psychology (University of Oklahoma)

Professional/Academic Experience

Research/Areas of Interest

trauma studies, cultural rhetorics, digital rhetorics

Publications/Creative Works

Brentnell, Lauren. “When Discomfort Becomes Panic: Doing Research in Trauma as a Survivor.” Our Body of Work. Edited by Melissa Nichols and Anna Sicari. Under Review with Utah State University Press, 2019.

Brentnell, Lauren, Elise Dixon, and Rachel Robinson. “The Hidden and Invisible: Vulnerability in Writing Center Work.” Digital Edited Collection in WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship. Forthcoming 2019/2020.   

Brentnell, Lauren, Elise Dixon, and Rachel Robinson. “Crybabies in the Writing Center: Storying Affect and Emotion.” Affect & Emotion in the Writing Center. Edited by Kelly Concannon and Janine Morris. Forthcoming, 2020. 

Baldwin, Dianna, Lauren Brentnell, Elise Dixon, Jerrice Donelson, Kate Firestone, and Rachel Robinson. “Big Happy Family: Constellating Writing Center Stories.” Special issue on Writing Centers and Relationality in The Peer Review. 2018. http://thepeerreview-iwca.org/issues/relationality-si/big-happy-family   

Brentnell, Lauren. “Living Oklahoma: A Memoir About Trauma and Rebuilding in Academia.” Pixelating the Self: Digital Feminist Memoirs. Edited by Alexandra Hidalgo. Intermezzo. 2018. http://intermezzo.enculturation.net/08-hidalgo-et-al/index.html 

Gonzales, Laura, Liza Potts, Heather Turner, and Lauren Brentnell. “Working with Ladies that UX: Building Academic/Industry Partnerships for User Research Projects.” ACM SIGDOC. 2017.

Lauren, Ben, Stacey Pigg, Lauren Brentnell, Howard Fooksman, and Kristen Mapes. “Investigating a Common Trope in Technical Communication: Are Academics and Practitioners Researching in Different Communication Design Spheres.” ACM SIGDOC. 2016.

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