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Confluencia is a journal which publishes scholarly articles and notes in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

It encompasses the three principal areas of the Hispanic world: Spain, Latin America and the United States. The editorial policy invites the submission of manuscripts which promote an integrative approach to the study of culture and literature.

Highlights include:

  • Articles and essays dedicated to enhancing our understanding of the aesthetic and cultural expression of the diverse Hispanic communities, including those with a strong base in prehispanic and African traditions
  • Comparative studies of literatures
  • Comparative studies of other art forms
  • Interviews with outstanding figures who have made an impact on the study, expression and promotion of culture and literature
  • Creative writing

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Nicaragua • Honduras • El Salvador • Guatemala • Cuba • Puerto Rico • Republica Dominicana • Estados Unidos • España • Mexico • Argentina • Chile • Uruguay • Paraguay • Bolivia • Peru • Ecuador • Colombia • Portugal • Brasil • Venezuela • Panama • Costa Rica